Cannabis Branding and Marijuana Logo Design

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Cannabis Branding and Marijuana Logo Design

Logos Are A Company’s Bread and Butter In Garnering Attention Of Potential Customers

A logo is the representation of a company and, when designed just right, captures its essence. A well-thought out and crafted article can do wonders for a business – it can have an impact just as much as the written word. It can evoke an array of emotions that other content has the inability to do. A well-crafted logo is one people will easily remember and helps boost brand awareness with a target audience.

Company Logo Can Lead To Brand Recognition

A distinctive logo helps customers to remember the brand – think McDonald’s “Golden Arches” and Burger King’s “King.” It creates a mental image that people remember, turning them into regular customers. With customer service, quality products and advertising help with name recognition; a logo is what customers tend to remember.

And, brand recognition is what garners business success. An amazing logo coupled with company name and product speaks volumes and establishes brand recognition.

Talk to any business owner, and they’ll tell you that success is unattainable without name recognition. That’s the challenge too! And, it’s one that can define success and failure. Name recognition and advertising are important to a business but what happens if it doesn’t go like you intended it to?

In order to address this, you must come up with a brand that speaks positively to consumers about your company and its product/service.

Your logo shouldn’t just be eye-catching – it needs to grab your intended audience’s attention without using very little words… if any at all. Remember, a well-thought-out logo can evoke emotions that encourage potential customers to become actual customers.

This is what a professional logo designer can do for your business.

A Look At The Creative Brief

An important part of a logo design is the artist’s ability to portray a business’ image. They need to thoroughly understand what goals and objectives the company has – usually by talking to those involved in the business.

A Creative Brief is simply a questionnaire that’s made of certain questions to attain an idea of what the client wants. The questions provide the designer with a more intimate feel for the company and the kind of message the logo should express. It’ll also give the designer some information about the company’s target audience.

The brief needs to be as detailed as possible, considering it’s an important part of the logo designing process. It lays out what the company’s goals and mission are. It’s not uncommon, because of how important it is, for a designer to take weeks to develop something and send the first draft on for approval.

The Need For A Versatile Logo

It’s important to understand that logos need to be as versatile as possible. The logo will be used in a multitude of ways – on letterheads, business cards, websites, buildings, billboards, etc. A logo design can provide a good vector design that ensures the logo looks good no matter where it’s applied.

What’s a vector model? It uses mathematical calculations for every shape and line. When it’s made bigger or smaller, the details don’t become altered. It’s not ideal to use pictures because of the limitations they have on scaling. If pictures have been changed over into vector format before use, then they’re good to use.

A company relies on its brand, which is why how customers see the company is so crucial. A well-designed logo also has an integral role in a company’s success and needs to be paid great attention to. When a company grows, or its business model is altered, a new logo design is often entertained.