Marijuana Logo Design

Logo and Brand Strategy For The Cannabis Industry

Creating a great logo is far more than just creating something interesting and unique with great aesthetics. A logo should be part of your overall branding strategy and your branding strategy is going to be dependent on determining your target market. One thing to be aware of in the cannabis industry is the widening divide between medical marijuana users and recreational marijuana users.

Weed has become far more than just a substance, it has engendered an entire culture. While recreational users will often want to align themselves with that culture, medical users will often want to distance themselves from it as much as possible. This then, creates an important issue that dispensaries must address when it comes to developing a branding strategy that will eventually determine the development of a logo. As weed becomes a more and more viable, legal and legitimate business, it will become more and more important for dispensaries to begin differentiating themselves and pursuing a very specific market segment.

Dispensaries that decide to cater specifically to those seeking cannabis for legitimate and sometimes serious medical issues may actually want to minimize the traditional cannabis leaf elements of a standard dispensary or marijuana business logo and maximize symbols relating to medicine, care or compassion. You may stray from using the traditional green color associated with cannabis logos and opt for a rainbow or theme of lighter pastels. On the other hand, dispensaries that choose to cater to avid recreational weed enthusiasts may want to emphasize traditional symbolism like the color green and the cannabis leaf.

As weed becomes legal in more and more states, the business that thrive will be those that incorporate the best practices of any other business or company. While it may seem counterintuitive, the businesses that succeed best over the long haul are generally those that figure out who their market is and cater relentlessly to it. As the marijuana industry begins to grow and expand, so will the businesses that support any industry, such as advertising and branding agencies. You can get off to a great start by seeking out businesses, companies and agencies that have chosen the marijuana industry as their target market.