New Businesses Created by the Legalization of Marijuana

The relaxation of laws in many states has caused the marijuana industry to explode with growth across the country. In the process, this valuable cash crop has facilitated the birth of a number of supplemental businesses. The following is a quick rundown of some of the most creative business ideas that pot entrepreneurs have created.

Delivery Services

Cannabis cardholders in California can use a computer app to order the cannabis products they desire. Companies like the San Francisco based Eaze make it convenient for customers to visit their website, select the type and quantity of products they want, and wait for a delivery man to ring the doorbell in 20 minutes or less. All orders must be paid in cash because banks do not yet accept payment from cannabis sales.

Child-Safe Bags

The marijuana industry is heavily regulated and it is important to meet all government standards. This is true even with the plastic bags used to store marijuana. The bags made by Stink Stack are opaque in color and effectively eliminates issues with smell. The bags also comply with the regulations set by each of the guidelines set forth by states that allow marijuana sales and use. Each bag has a warning printed on it and the slider lock with which the bag is outfitted may prove difficult for you to navigate once you have already enjoyed a bit of your purchase.

Event Planning

Jane West was seen vaping on a documentary aired by CNBC. The incident caused her to get fired from her job. West used the experience as a catalyst to start her event planning company, Edible Events. The company operates in Colorado and is the host of bring-your-own-cannabis events throughout the state.


Get High Getaway resembles many of the Bed and Breakfast spots that operate across America. However, what differs with the Denver-based Get High Getaway is that marijuana smoking is not only accepted, it is encouraged. Visitors also have access to a driver that is available around the clock when they pay for a room.


Bec Koop is an entrepreneur who is a long-time participant in the traditional floral arrangement business for weddings. Koop recently merged this business with the enthusiasm she possesses for cannabis. The result is a business that assists soon-to-be-wed couples in selecting floral arrangements for their weddings that come complete with smokable nugs.


MedMen was founded in California and helps dispensaries obtain the licensing they need to become a fully compliant marijuana business.The consulting company also helps to prepare management personnel for the companies they work with for the job of running a marijuana business. The company has expanded its operations into Nevada and Illinois. MedMen can count G Maker Labs, a maker of cannabis-infused oils and CannabisCup winner, among its clients.

Digital Budtenders

CannaBuild maintains an app that allows users to order cannabis products they intend to pick up a little later in the day. The app is for Colorado residents and provides users with information regarding the strains that are offered, the potency of these strains, and prices for available packages. Budtenders are also available for one on one sessions through the use of the app.

App for Weed Lovers

Leafly is a company that provides an online community for lovers of cannabis. Cannabis enthusiasts can use Leafly to investigate and rate different marijuana strains, discuss and review dispensaries, and access cannabis industry news. Leafly is headquartered in Seattle and is the property of Privateer Holdings.

Social Network

Despite the fact that pot is illegal in some states and has been decriminalized in others, it is still not a good idea to post your ganja-smoking activities on the major social media networks like Facebook and Twitter. However, Massroots provides a social media program specially designed for marijuana smokers. The platform currently serves more than 100,000 users.