Email Marketing Statistics 2018-2019

Helpful 2018-2019 Email Marketing Statistics To Increase Your Open Rate

Facts for Email Marketing in 2018-2019

-Emails with Video are opened 19 percent more often

– ~ 90% of marketers use email marketing


Your competitors are using email marketing to reach leads. A surprising 89 percent of marketers use email marketing as their main method for generating leads. You may have tried email marketing before, blasting the same email to everyone on your list; it probably did not work well.

In 2018, email is still the tool most marketers use to engage leads, but it has gotten harder to cut through the clutter. People literally get hundreds on email a day, with about half going straight to the spam folder. You have to find a way to make your message relevant to the recipient if you want to see a decent ROI. Drive up your open rates and ROI with a 99% accurate email address validator tool.

Segmenting Emails

Savvy marketers use a segmented email marketing strategy to reach the right person at the right time. Segmented emails get 59.99 percent more clicks than general emails. Your industry type will determine how you segment your emails; nevertheless, you can start with location, gender, interests and buying habits as base-level segments.

Constructing multiple email campaign messages for segmented subscribers takes time, but general emails that are not relevant to the recipient result in high unsubscribe rates. People get enough junk email without reading your email about your new store opening that is 500 miles from where they live.

Many email programs make it easy to segment your subscribers with built-in tools; take advantage of these tools. If your email service provider does not offer any tools, consider switching service providers.

Welcome Emails

One of the easiest, and most easy, method for segmenting your triggered emails is to send a special welcoming message to new subscribers. Welcome emails account for 320 percent more revenue than other promotional emails. Personalized welcome messages are your opportunity to thank the subscriber and explain your brand personality. Limit the personalization to their first name; capitalized correctly, otherwise the email may come off as creepy. To build trust, you will want to explain how often the person will receive emails, and then let them select the type of emails that they want to receive. Even though you just snagged another subscriber, you will want to make it clear that they can easily opt out at any time.

Send Mobile-Friendly Emails

At least 50 percent of emails are opened by an individual on a mobile device. To send mobile-optimized emails, use a responsive template and make CTA buttons large enough so the reader can easily tap them with their index finger.

Mobile-friendly emails are concise; the email should have one objective and one CTA. Don’t clutter your marketing email with options; if you want the recipient to purchase a specific product, make that the only CTA in the email.

Include Video

Emails that contain video are 19 percent more likely to be opened. You can include a product video, a tutorial or a video related to your industry. Include a play button on the video, even if you host it elsewhere, as this increases engagement over a static image.

Whatever type of video you include, keep your segmented customer in mind. A woman who buy jeans from your company may enjoy watching a video about how to select the most flattering women’s jean by body type, buy a man who has bought work boots may unsubscribe.

How to Stay Out of the Spam Folder

Once you’ve developed segmented email lists, found a template for responsive emails and created some videos, you need to be careful and not overdo your email marketing. To spay out of the dreaded spam folder, remember that 86 percent of consumers prefer to receive just one promotional email per month.

You have to test every element of your email marketing strategy if you want to see your emails opened. Many email programs have built-in A/D testing, so you can test your timing, subject lines, messages and whether content, such as video, appeals to your audience. There’s a reason why so many marketers depend on email; it works. Make it work for you with the right message, sent to the right audience.