Cannabis Edibles Coming to Maryland

In 2013, Maryland ruled that legalized cannabis was legal for medical use. However, the medical cannabis industry did not open for business until 2017. In the history of edibles, Maryland has not been very eager to get the process started. Cannabis sales have soared since being allowed in 2017. Edibles have never been on the menu in Maryland, but they are coming soon, they may even drop as soon as December.

The Legalization Edibles

Governor Larry Hogan signed the cannabis edibles law in May of 2019. Over the past year and a half, the commission known as the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission started working on regulations on cannabis edibles. Late last year, the MMCC released a draft version for the cannabis edibles. In this draft, it has requirements for dosages, retail sales, processing, and manufacturing cannabis edibles. The regulations are not set in stone and may change before cannabis edibles hit the market.

The current regulations will be on the main Maryland government website for 30 days and open to public commentary. The public can state their opinion on the regulations and make some suggestions. After this 30 day period, the comments will be turned off, and the information will be submitted to the commission. The commission does not state how long they can take once they review all the comments. Once they have completed the edits to the regulation, they will be posted again for a 15 day notice period. After these 15 days, the regulations will be taken down and sent in. While there is no set time in place as of now, the MMCC said that it should be complete with the regulations by the end of this year or at the first of next year at the latest.

Regulation Proposals

In the draft regulations, they have rules for how much THC can be in the cannabis, manufacturing, and even the labeling of cannabis edibles. Here are some of the most important regulations that are being suggested:

• Dosages. All cannabis edibles that are made in the state of Maryland can have up to10mg of THC per dose. Also, in a package, there can be no more than 100mg of THC per package. It is also recommended that that cannabis edibles be offered in 5mg and 2.5 mgs for those that need a lower dose.
• Labeling. Labeling will need to have a THC label, and it will have to include the ingredients list. This ingredient list should have everything listed, including any preservatives used in the making of the edible.
• Recipe. Another regulation that will take place is that anyone that produces cannabis edibles must submit their entire recipe along with the process in which the edibles are produced in order to legally sell cannabis edibles.
• Shape. Another rule in making cannabis edibles will be that they cannot be made in any shape that might entice children. For example, if someone made cannabis edibles in the shape of a gummy bear, this would not be allowed. The MMCC has suggested that all edibles should be made in a geometric shape.
• Lab testing. Maryland will require that the edibles be tested by a lag to see what the THC content is and to see if there are any microbiological impurities present.

The Regulations May Change

The regulations may be somewhat different after the 30 day public comment period. However, they will more than likely not be changed much from the original regulations. Once the regulations have been finalized and approved, cannabis edibles will be permitted. There are some shops that are ready to begin producing when the regulations are set.

One dispensary in Maryland, AmediCanna, that is located near Baltimore, designed their operation with edibles in mind. They created a kitchen that can be used to make cannabis edibles. They understand the very specific rules when it comes to edible manufacturing and has stated that they are ready for whenever edibles are legalized.

For those interested in cannabis edibles, they should keep a look out in late December or early January to see when cannabis edibles will be legalized. Once legalized, the edibles should hit the market fairly quickly.