Dispensary SEO Local Citations

Local Citations Matter for Dispensary SEO


Why Local Citations are Important to Your Local Medical Marijuana Dispensary


Dispensaries often serve a single community or group of cities nearby or close to the actual dispensary addressed location. For this reason alone, focusing on local Google maps and 3 pack SEO is a priority and every dispensary can benefit from regional and industrial business citations. A local citation can be useful in helping individuals find the actual dispensary address and helps raise your local Google rankings by buying a great indicator that your cannabis business is where you say it is. These citations display your dispensary NAP information to patients seeking you online, this includes: location(s), hours, and phone number as well as your website (often in the form of a quality backlink).


Here are a few reasons you should consider local citations for your medical marijuana or recreational dispensary.

Google Loves Local Citations

Regardless of your experience in digital marketing a cannabis related organization online, you’ve probably heard of dispensary (SEO) Search Engine Optimization. Optimizing your marijuana website for search engines like Google means higher rankings in search results. Some experts in the field of SEO believe that local citations can account for as much as 36% of the complex ranking algorithm Google uses to rank websites in organic SERPs. Google maps and the local 2 pack.


Make sure that your dispensary’s information always appears the same and try to obtain as many local citations as you can.  If you do not have the time to pursue monthly citation building you can buy Sativant citation building services or request a local citation audit for marijuana SEO strategies and 420-friendly marketing campaigns.

Your Patients and Customers Can Find You

Visibility on the Internet is everything. We live in a mobile world where people are always searching for information on the go for nearby solutions to problems, products and services. Your potential customers need to be able to find you when they are shopping for flower strains, edibles, THC Vape pen cartridges and CBD vape pens, Oils, Tinctures and wax-based concentrates. As well as accessories and glassware.


Local citations will help your customers find you online and raise your visibility in search engine results.

Beating the Competition

Unless you happen to be the only game in town your dispensaries have competitors. These competitors are fighting for customers just like you. Local citations are a great cannabis SEO technique that drives visibility locally better than competing dispensaries by providing more hints to Google that you matter and where you are the authority. City specific rankings increases from smart citation building campaigns will translate into more customer traffic through the doors and higher sales online.

More Effective Cannabis Dispensary Branding

All businesses need to focus on building a brand. Marijuana dispensaries more so:


New patients are searching right now for medical cannabis.  The problem is they are searching for the nearest, weed, marijuana cannabis THC CBD vape pen cartridges and pens, and edibles.  That doesn’t even include wax, shatter, oils, and concentrates.  Making your dispensary stick as the best brand in their city is key to longevity.


There are many ways to do this with local citation building. The key is to be everywhere you can be!


One thing that will help you to build local citations is to join organizations like your local Chamber of Commerce, and marijuana associations or register with the Dispensary Bureau known as the Better Business Bureau of weed. The more the better.


Each local organization you associate with will typically publish your business information online in a directory. These are some of the easiest local citations you can get that drive relevant local traffic to your website and improve your natural search rankings.