Quality Content and Blog Articles are Dispensary SEO Must Have

Quality Content Is the SEO Foundation

Long gone are the days where a developer would simply have to come up with a unique title to earn a respectable page ranking. Of course, this was when the Internet was just starting to become a thing; websites were extremely limited, and so were search engines. In 2019 dispensaries have to deal with keyword selection, link building, guesting posting, and more just to maintain a decent page ranking. Unfortunately in doing so the Internet became a breeding ground for spam, all to promote content. It wasn’t until recently that this issue has started to become resolved.

It’s no doubt that the cannabis industry is a monster that grows everyday, with innovative discoveries being published on a regular basis, especially thanks to patient needs and awareness. The results? Google wants to appear as a clean, stable, and trustworthy platform  for these searchers online– spam and low quality content won’t do. It didn’t take long for developers to catch on to black hat techniques and counter them. If you want a chance at a high page ranking, the contest must be good.

Complex SEO Data

Search engine algorithms are becoming more complex and adaptive to SEO manipulation. For example, such an algorithm could detect spam messages that don’t contain anything of value.

Other Google algorithms ensure that the links people click from the Google platform lead to quality sources of information and entertainment the user originally desired. As such, websites that contain poorly written articles, have bland content, or are keyword stuffed articles won’t make the cut.

If you want any chance at getting a decent page rank, you’ll need pages with 800-1,500 words with formatting such as bullet points, lists, quotes, sources, and any necessary subheadings. It’s highly recommended to keep keywords limited and to include a maximum of 3-4 URLs per 1,500 words.  Blog posts on the other hand should be at least 2000 words to be considered authoritative.

Professionalism Prevails

Quality content writing services can be hard to come by in today’s sea of freelancing and outsourcing platforms, but finding a reliable source of content can lead to enormous business success. In other words, search engines are pretty much telling webmasters that they need maintain a quality, useful website in order for a fair page ranking/authority.

More complex organizations don’t just increase page ranking, however, but it also leads to more customers. The end goal for Google, website owners, and any type of marketer is to gain leads. With the latest SEO technology, a business can grow exponentially.

The summary of this post is to let you know that quality is king. You’ll need the right dispensary SEO professionals by your side as well as quality content producers in order to be the king of Google, Yahoo, and other search engines.