Pain Relief Without the High: Fresh Cannabis Strains With High CBD Levels

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Kind Tree Cannabis Strain

Kind Tree Cannabis Strain

Pain Relief Without the High: Fresh Cannabis Strains With High CBD Levels

The popularity and number of legal CBD-infused products on the market continues to grow as more people become interested in the potential benefits of all-natural cannabis compounds. All kinds of items including lotions, snacks, and pet treats can be potential vehicles for CBD; unlike its fellow cannabinoid THC, it isn’t psychoactive and won’t cause the “high” effect that THC is so well-known for.

Curious to know more? Read on to understand more about how Cannabidiol (CBD) works, what a high-CBD cannabis strain can do to improve your quality of life, and how to choose the one that’s right for your unique personal needs. If you are looking for cheap approved products, we recommend to check this CBDDY: hemp lollipops review.

Learn more about the Kind Tree Cannabis strains with their online strain library to  ask questions, get answers and place your order. We can’t wait to share our products with you!

What is CBD?

While many are only aware of the use of cannabis to experience the high, many more varied and practical benefits await the conscious consumer. Some customers may seek out CBD to help relieve to soothe minor and passing concerns like muscle fatigue, or to manage symptoms of more chronic conditions and illnesses. In contrast to THC, where its psychoactive effects can make pain feel less intrusive and severe, CBD has a larger quantity of evidence that seems to indicate it helps fight pain more effectively.

Currently, more than one hundred cannabinoids have been discovered by researchers and there are dozens that have yet to be uncovered, but all of them work together in different and incredible ways that we’re still in the process of identifying. For example, it’s been discovered that CBD appears to reduce the euphoric effects of THC when applied together, allowing for greater clarity of mind while treating the most severe and debilitating symptoms.

How is CBD Helpful?

Cannabis strains can vary widely in how they act on the body, and there is often a profound difference in the customer experience between high-THC and high-CBD strains; those who prefer the feel of high-THC concentrates or flower often describe them as “heavy”, more intensely euphoric or hard-hitting. Conversely, cannabis strains that are higher in CBD have more of a light, “heady” experience ideal for those who seek medical relief from depression or chronic pain issues. Anxiety sufferers who find the euphoric feeling of high-THC products to be jittery or disruptive will likely find more solace in the alert, clear-headed effects of a high-CBD variety of flower.

What Strains are Available Now?

We stock only the freshest products made from the highest quality ingredients; choose from our collection of strains hand-selected for their uplifting, soothing and or relaxing characteristics. While our stock may vary, please consider this list of popular classics that we always recommend.

CBD Critical Mass

Need to relax but still stay alert? This strain of Critical Mass is an indica-dominant cross of well-known varieties Skunk #1 and Afghani, designed to put your pain to bed without sending you to bed early.

CBD Mango Haze

A medical favorite, Mango Haze has a delightfully distinct fruity aroma that brings a tropical island to mind. Let this fresh-smelling sativa-dominant hybrid energize you to get moving!


Classic Harlequin is perfect for finishing your to-do list, with the light euphoria and uplifting energy of a sativa-dominant hybrid while still doing the work to soothe your aches and your spirit.


If too much THC leaves you high-strung and anxious, Cannatonic is here to help. CBD outnumbers THC 2 to 1 in this carefully-crafted strain to give all the medical benefits you expect without the stress of side effects that distract and distress. Truly a classic!