Dispensary SEO

Typical 90 day dispensary patient growth for Sativant SEO clients.

Get more traffic, leads and sales with a top dispensary SEO agency

Get your dispensary website ranked above your competitors now as the industry continues to grow it only gets more difficult to gain organic visibility and become an authority for your area.

Authority Development

We manage your link building campaigns and out reach efforts.

Reviews and Reporting

Continual optimization/monitoring and reporting on our visibility improvements.

Content Writing

We help you craft more engaging content.

Techinical Optimization

Perform technical SEO audits and SEO Optimizations for all site pages.

SEO for Cannabis Dispensaries

Most dispensary SEO consultants will have you believe that SEO for dispensaries is a top secret operation with clandestine operators and proprietary information. This may be because they wish to extract higher fees from new medical marijuana business investors. However, the best practices for Google are well known and in the day in age of information overload, technical SEO secrets probably no longer exist. In fact getting on the first page of Google is such a coveted goal that

Sativant approaches natural SEO for dispensaries from a safe, transparent and white-hat SEO perspective.


Dispensary SEO Begins With High-Quality Content

The days of SEO keyword stuffing Meta tags are long past. Currently Google considers how your visitors interact with your website to measure its value and ultimate place in the Search Results (SERPS).

  • How many visitors arrive and how long do they stay
  • Does your traffic explore further into your websites pages?
  • How long does a visitor stay on each page and the site in total?
  • Do repeat visitors often visit your site in the future?
  • Is the content engaged with or videos watched?


Actual user experience metrics are what set the standard for quality search engine optimization in today’s anti link-building climate at Google. Freelancer SEO consultants may push for buying links but this is a short sites and dangerous approach to gaining trust.

Authority Development Outreach is Natural Link Building

Sativant dispensary marketing starts with great content and then notifies influencers of its location and suggests they share these assets with their readers or followers. Due to our cultivated relationships, more often than not they do. Thus part one of our promotion. The next part is authority development through link building.

The direct, referral and social traffic that comes from this outreach is substantial.

This provides you a large amount of instant and relevant traffic that sends tons of signals to Google that what you have to say has value. These visitors also share it with their friends and often times link to the resource. These are the most valuable links that are merit-based earned and assist in boosting your website rankings. It is our way to ethically develop rankings authority while keeping your brand safe from the lack of visibility.

Contact us today if you would like to learn more about how our medical marijuana dispensary SEO services and packages can assist you in reaching your visibility goals.